Installation of Moon Dance The Galaxy Project
Wednesday, December 21, 2011 at 10:04PM


Concept:  I proposed a glass and stone exterior wall mosaic entitled Moon Dance.  Moon Dance is an encompassing mosaic that measures 7’ H X48’W.  It is a dynamic abstraction of the lunar orb coursing through time and space.  The viewer is enticed and engaged in the cosmic rhythm of change, as the moon dances from darkness to light and back again, in a boundless cyclical promenade across the sky.


Moon Dance presents a portal into space where our concept of scale

and sense of place and intimacy with the universe is revealed and can be explored as we travel the  pedestrian corridor of the Galaxy Project.

 Travel with me now as  my daughter, Njena Surae Jarvis and I, Martha Jackson Jarvis  build and install

Moon Dance the Galaxy Project.

Construction site, cold day in December Silver Spring, Maryland 2011






Moon Dance 2011     Glass, Stone Mosaic    7ft H X 48ft W                  Jackson Jarvis Studio

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